Check Out the Top 10 Best Payroll Services of 2019

Simplify employee payments, tax filing and HR benefit deductions with the right payroll software. From online payroll to offline and custom solutions. Check out our expert comparisons and reviews of the best payroll services to find out which payroll service is best for you.

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Gusto Online Payroll

✔︎   Unlimited Payroll Runs

✔︎   Automated Payroll & Taxes

✔︎   Employee Management

✔︎   On-The-Go Mobile App

Gusto online payroll provides simple, seamless, and affordable payroll and HR services. The customizable packages are offered in three tiers—Core, Complete, and Concierge. Factors such as business size, the number of employees, and the number of add-ons required will determine which tier and add-ons are right for your business needs.

Choose from 3 Tiers of Payroll & HR Services:

The Core Plan

Reliable, simple and affordable. Gusto's most basic plan includes seamless features such as full-service payroll, employee self-service portal, benefits and workers comp administration, customer support, and PTO tracking.

The Complete Plan

The basic plan, plus, a few more robust HR tools and process. Some of these features include customizable admin permissions, various PTO approval capabilities, employee offers, onboarding, surveys, and directory.

The Concierge Plan

The big one. The hands-on support and resources included are unlimited access to certified HR professionals, access to the Gusto HR Resource Center, and dedicated support from the Gusto payroll customer service team.


✔︎   Quick & Unlimited Payroll Runs

✔︎   24-Hour Direct Deposit

✔︎   Tax Calculations & Filing

✔︎   No-Penalty Guarantee*

Intuit’s online payroll services make it convenient for small businesses to run payroll online from anywhere, any time. The most notable features that make Intuit's payroll process easy, fast, and accurate are:
  • An intuitive setup process.
  • Quick, 24-hour direct deposit.
  • A convenient mobile app.
  • Automatic tax calculations and filing.
  • No-Penalty Guarantee*.
With a range of service plans & features, unlimited payroll runs, and a user-friendly online portal, Intuit makes processing payroll simple and efficient. Are you ready for payroll perfection?

Paychex Flex® Online Payroll

✔︎   Cloud-Based Payroll

✔︎   Reporting & Analytics

✔︎   Built-In Safeguards

✔︎   Automatic Payroll Tax

Paychex offers flexible all-in-one payroll & HR solutions. Paychex Flex®  enables business managers to focus on the areas of their business that truly matter. The features include:
  • A safeguarded, cloud-based, intuitive payroll interface.
  • Automatic tax calculations, payments, and filings.
  • On-the-go access with the free Paychex Flex® mobile app.
  • A powerful workforce reporting and analytics system.
  • A convenient employee self-service portal.
  • Professional 24/7 customer service & tech support.

Sage Payroll Services

✔︎   Direct Deposit

✔︎   Tracking & Reporting

✔︎   Tax Filing

✔︎   Dedicated Support

Sage offers fast, easy, and intuitive software to manage payroll operations which allow small and midsized business to focus on important day-to-day operations. Save time and money with Sage Payroll Services, now!

ADP Payroll Services

✔︎   Global Payroll Processing

✔︎   Online Self-Service Portal

✔︎   24/7 Professional Support

✔︎   Complete Software Integration

The complete payroll solution. With features and tools for businesses of all sizes, ADP® has a strong reputation as a payroll industry leader. Some of the most notable features offered include:
  • Automated online payroll processing.
  • Self-service app for employees.
  • Integration with time-tracking and HR.
  • Automated tax calculations & payment.
  • Expert payroll software and tax support.
ADP® offers a range of services perfect for small, medium, large, and even multinational businesses. Choose the service that's right for your business needs. Small Business (1-49 employees)

RUN Powered by ADP®

ADP TotalSource®

Midsize Business (50-999 employees)

ADP Workforce Now®

Enterprises (1,000+ employees)

ADP Vantage HCM®

Multinational Business (Any Size)

ADP Streamline®


Square Payroll

✔︎   Pay Employees and Contractors

✔︎   Unlimited Payroll Runs

✔︎   Automatic Tax Submissions

✔︎   Access the Square Payroll App

Square Payroll is an advanced all-in-one payroll processing software perfect for any kind of business. The program doesn’t limit itself to simply tracking employee hours and sending out electronic or physical paychecks.  Some of the other features include:

  • Pay employees and contractors in just one click.
  • Timesheet, Sick/overtime pay tracking.
  • Various health/retirement benefits.
  • Integrated system for tax filing and holdings.
  • Convenient Square Payroll App.
  • Online dashboard accounts for employees.
Get the most out of your payroll experience with the services offered by Square Payroll. Choose the program that is right for your business and watch as more of your time is saved. Run a better business your way.

Paylocity Online Payroll

✔︎   Payroll Tax Payments & Filing

✔︎   Self-Service Employee Portal

✔︎   Payroll & HR Resource Center

✔︎   Complete Data Integration

Paylocity is a user-friendly payroll software and human capital management solution ideal for small and mid-sized businesses. Paylocity offers a variety of intuitive software features including: This all-in-one business solution is available for all industries across North America and is also accessible via the Paylocity mobile app.

Paycor Payroll Software

✔︎   Smart Payroll Services

✔︎   Tax Compliance Assistance

✔︎   Employee Support Services

✔︎   Self-Service Mobile App

Paycor’s a fully-integrated cloud-based online payroll suite that is a powerful, user-friendly tool perfect for any business. Some of the most notable features offered by Paycor are:
  • Seamless payroll processing system.
  • Self-service access for employees.
  • Access to HR resources library.
  • Real-time reporting & analytics system.
  • Electronic GL integration.
  • Payroll tax compliance.

TriNet Payroll Services

✔︎   All-In-One HR Solution

✔︎   Streamlined Payroll Process

✔︎   Simplified Payroll Tax Process

✔︎   Seamless Reporting System

TriNet offers the simplest HR solution to manage more than just payroll for small and midsized businesses.
  • Streamlined payroll processing, administration, and electronic W-2 preparation and delivery with real-time updates.
  • Detailed online human resources dashboard for easy employee access.
  • Variety of valuable employee benefits plans to choose from.
  • Instant support options including FAQs, a knowledge base, online support, and phone support.
  • Free TriNet Mobile app provides secure, instant access for customers and employees

SurePayroll Online Payroll Services

✔︎   Quick Payroll Processing

✔︎   Tax Filing & Payment

✔︎   Complete Accessibility

✔︎   Analytics & Reporting

Allow SurePayroll to take the burden of payroll and taxes off your plate so you can focus on the areas of your business that truly matter. This fully-loaded payroll solution features:
  • Flexible payroll options for your business.
  • Accurate and compliant tax filings & payments.
  • Convenient online & mobile access.
  • Automated quarterly & year-end reporting.
  • Live US-based customer support.