Square Payroll

When it comes to payroll, every business owner wants the process to be quick and easy. Few online payroll systems work as fluidly as Square’s entirely online program. With a host of features designed specifically with employers and workers in mind, it’s an excellent alternative to hiring outside agencies.

Since the system puts payroll organization directly in your hands, it allows small businesses to remain flexible with their options. Employers can pay out to standard employees and contracted workers alike in multiple runs each month if necessary, all from the convenience of their computer or smartphone.

Square Payroll at a Glance

Square asserts that its payroll program is all-in-one and perfect for any kind of business. The list of features seems to back up those claims quite well. The program doesn’t limit itself to simply tracking employee hours and sending out electronic or physical paychecks but includes other services such as simplifying health care and retirement as well.

Since the system is based on ease of use, everything is designed to get your business payroll up and running as fast as possible. Setup is as simple as entering basic business info, uploading information about each employee, and running the software. Some of the features include:

  • Easy payment of all workers including contractors
  • Tracking of employee timesheets, including salaried and hourly workers
  • Offering of health/retirement benefits
  • Integrated systems for filing tax and withholdings
  • Ability to make payments any time or place via mobile apps
  • Tracking of sick/overtime pay, including notifications
  • Online accounts for employees

The system also offers free time-card software or works with other such applications so employers don’t have to log times manually. In addition, all employees can use an app that will allow employers to take care of payments on the go while workers can track benefits via mobile platforms.

Overview of Square Payroll Features

Square has taken its role as an online payroll provider to heart. Paying employees is as simple as choosing check or direct deposit and scheduling when the funds will be withdrawn from the chosen business account. The system also offers automatic payroll to let owners focus on running their business while it works behind the scenes.

Employees’ accounts allow for clocking in at the register and keeping digital paystubs, allowing to have months’ worth of records at workers’ fingertips. Since the program concentrates on small-business clients, it is geared towards flexibility, allowing owners to set up a system that works best for them and their employees.

Square has really focused on covering all of the bases when it comes to providing its services. It encompasses a wide variety of products, many of which are associated primarily with bigger companies. These offerings include integrated health insurance, with options such as Anthem, Aetna and Humana.

For employers who don’t have access to workers’ compensation insurance, Square brings along a partnership with AP Intego. This pay-as-you-go company is designed to allow smaller businesses to meet federal and state regulations without the need to pay larger upfront costs to cover accidental on-site injuries.

Also included are pre-tax benefits. This lets owners save money for both their business and employees, offering everyday employees breaks based on commuter status, healthcare expenses and dependent-care costs at a pre-tax rate.

Square Payroll Pricing

Continuing along the vein of simplicity, Square has an uncomplicated pricing plan for all businesses. They charge a $29 monthly subscription fee plus $5 for each employee or contractor. If your business only deals with contractors, the monthly fee is waived and only the $5 fee is needed. In addition, there is no additional charge for running payroll more than once per month, offering even more flexibility.

When it comes to more complex benefits, such as pre-tax services and health care, there are additional charges. Each of these add-ons is optional, and Square’s team is ready to walk employers through each choice to determine the best plan for any budget. This also means that business owners who already have established healthcare plans or 401k services can integrate them into the payroll system or opt to go with Square’s current partners.

Bottom Line

Square Payroll isn’t just boasting when it says it’s an all-in-one company. Its integration of payroll, health care, retirement and workers’ compensation plans seem to cover any small business’s desire to run operations smoothly. Owners will get benefits available to larger companies at some additional cost, but since actual payroll is only a standard fee (plus the cost for each employee), it leaves businesses on a budget room to work with an excellent online payroll provider.