propayroll logoIf you're new to the payroll game, or could use some extra support, ProPayroll might be for you. It gives you the control you want with the guidance you need.

Getting started with ProPayroll is simple, and starts with your ProPayroll Specialist. This is someone who will create a friendly, professional one-on-one relationship with you and in turn, walk you easily through each step of the initial process. Once you're all set up, this person will remain your point of contact, helping you manage all aspects of your account and ensuring accurate processing of your payroll.

The features of ProPayroll are basic, but pretty well cover the necessities. All information is easily transfered between you and the company via internet, as you maintain control of your payroll data while utilizing their expert guidance. Paperless payroll makes for more organized, accessible payroll information and quick printing of tax and labor forms.

ProPayroll offers all of the pay options with paper checks for you to print on site, direct deposit or payroll debit cards. You can send pay stubs via e-mail or employees can take advantage of the self-service feature. Quarterly and yearly tax returns and reports are done for you, as well as access to various other reports.

If those features don't quite cut it, ProPayroll also offer additional plans such as:

Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation

Time & Attendance

Employee Self-Service

QuickBooks Interface

Online Timesheets

HR Support Center and HR On-Demand

Fully Integrated 401(k)™

Section 125 Flexible Spending Accounts & POP Plans

All in all, ProPayroll is a great system for smaller businesses looking for extra guidance and support, ensuring an accurate and painless payroll experience.