ONPAY logoONPAY payroll service is perfect for small to mid size businesses, simplifying the payroll process.

ONPAY offers a secure, on demand payroll processing solution. In addition to their 24/7 management solution, they offer various one click features to make payroll as quick and painless as possible. You can print your pay checks and pay stubs on site from any standard printer, so no more waiting for checks to be delivered. You can also choose to pay via direct deposit with the convenience of unlimited payroll runs, eliminating worry about additional processing fees. ONPAY's simple data export feature allows for seamless integration with Quickbooks, Peachtree and Microsoft Money for customized checking, expense and liability accounts.

Trained payroll staff take care of tax payment and filing with an Accuracy Guarantee so you can feel confident that things are done correctly. Employees have access to pay history so they can view/print their pay stubs any time, and you can take it one step further with the ability to assign different access levels such as employee, accountant, clerk or administrator.

The simplicity of the program will serve all basic payroll needs, but may leave larger businesses looking for more. However, with simple setup, free phone support and no long-term contracts, ONPAY is a great service for small to mid-sized businesses wanting a quick, one stop approach to payroll management.