SurePayroll Banks on Innovation, Leading-Edge Technology, and Award-Winning Customer Support

For businesses with fewer than 100 employees, an online payroll system can be an appealing option in terms of ease of use and making the most of limited-time resources. SurePayroll introduced the first innovative and fully online payroll and payroll-tax system for small businesses and then grew from there to become an industry-recognized top choice. The company continues to incorporate leading-edge technology in its online platform, and its U.S.-based and award-winning customer support team is available by phone six days a week.

SurePayroll at a Glance

SurePayroll opened its doors in 2000 and maintains its corporate headquarters in Glenview, Illinois. The company made its debut as the first online service designed to pay and file its clients’ payroll taxes and launched its mobile app in December 2009. The app enables payroll processing from iPads, iPods, and iPhones through the company’s patent-pending One-Click Technology. SurePayroll supports more than 6,000 different tax structures, claims to have run 10 million payrolls and currently offers a free two-month trial service.

The company has won several awards, including two Stevies for Customer Service Department of the Year. SurePayroll became part of the Paychex, Inc. group in 2011 and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary.

SurePayroll’s many small-business solutions include the following services:

  • Federal, state and local payroll-tax calculation and filing
  • Retirement plans
  • Health insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Employee screening
  • Automatic payroll processing

Overview of SurePayroll Features

A SurePayroll online payroll session is a three-step process. You first enter your employees’ salary or hours worked for the pay period, then preview the taxes that are to be deducted and approve the payroll, and the process has been completed.

The reassuring part of the process is SurePayroll’s Tax-Filing Guarantee. If there’s a mistake and the IRS or other tax agency begins questioning things, SurePayroll will help resolve the issue by working with the agency on your behalf. As part of its guarantee, the company will pay all tax penalties and fines if it was the cause of the misfiling.

SurePayroll offers a variety of flexible payroll options, such as expedited one-day or same-day processing and Auto Payroll for businesses running the same payroll at the end of each pay period.

Your payroll processing can also be customized to accommodate different pay rates and schedules, 1099 contractors or splitting paychecks to go to multiple accounts. You can also choose between direct deposit and pay card payment options or print checks yourself. Household-employee payroll services are available for paying a nanny, household helper or babysitter.

Striving to be much more than a payroll provider, SurePayroll also offers clients affordable health insurance plans, pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation, and retirement plans specifically designed for small businesses.

SurePayroll takes pride in its customer service. In addition to providing friendly phone help Monday through Saturday, the company offers support through chat, secure web forms, and email. As a new client, you can expect to receive enrollment assistance and a no-fee walk-through during your first payroll processing session. The company doesn’t like customers waiting on hold. SurePayroll claims the majority of callers wait no more than 20 seconds for a Customer Care rep to speak to them.

SurePayroll Pricing

The cost for SurePayroll has been noted by subscribers as $49.99 monthly plus an additional $5 for each employee per month. The pricing can, however, vary depending on when you sign up and initiate the service. It’s been noted as low as $39.99 for the base fee with a $4 monthly employee fee. There are also additional fees for year-end 1099 and W-2 forms. The current fees are available via return email or phone through an online quote requester on the company website.

The Bottom Line

With its focus on customer service and ease of use, SurePayroll is an attractive option for small businesses, single-owner businesses, and household employment. The company has been able to expand its service options by leveraging its association as a subsidiary of Paychex, Inc., and can accommodate the needs of small businesses that would like to offer their employees desirable health insurance benefits and retirement plans.

Many small-business owners will take comfort in knowing that SurePayroll has their back if there’s ever a problem with the IRS. The company also appears to value well-informed clients and makes an effort to provide exceptional live support and plenty of online resources. In the case of a new small-business start-up, this can be a particularly appealing aspect of the overall service. A two-month free trial offer certainly doesn’t hurt either.