Paycor Payroll Software

Paycor Payroll Software strives to help small businesses streamline their operations with smart, intuitive payroll solutions. Customized services are designed to maximize employee retention by providing easy access to the information your workers need about their salaries, time off, benefits and attendance. Although the payroll software can be used by just about any industry, Paycor offers specialized products and features for health care, non-profit organizations, manufacturing, retail, restaurants and professional services such as law and medical practices.

Paycor at a Glance

This company was founded in 1990 to fill a market gap for smart, intuitive payroll solutions catering to small and medium-sized businesses, with a focus on hands-on customer service. Paycor has grown to become one of Cincinnati's largest companies since making its initial stock offering in 2014.

Paycor currently serves more than 30,000 clients throughout the United States. This software company has been ranked among the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the nation by Inc. magazine.

In addition to its core business model, Paycor is dedicated to community service. The company has raised more than $1.3 million dollars for charitable initiatives, and its employees have spent more than 33,200 hours volunteering with local and regional non-profit organizations.

Overview of Paycor Features

Paycor's software platform is designed to be as easy to learn and use as possible, with all the commands and information you need to run payroll for your business found on a single page. This simplifies navigation while still providing robust features and analytics. Some of the key features of the Paycor payroll interface include:

  • Quarterly product updates that build on user feedback to create the optimal software experience
  • Commands and progress bars that guide you through the process of adding information and other functions
  • Automatic tax filing with up to 30 standard reports at no additional charge
  • Employee self-service, including cloud-based access to the dashboard and instant access through the Paycor mobile app
  • Form templates for common HR documents
  • Tax compliance assistance
  • Smart workflows that can be customized for your specific business processes
  • Support for direct deposit and pay card payments
  • Child support and wage garnishment compliance
  • A dedicated team support model to respond to customer questions and concerns efficiently, with more than one person available to provide support and service requests
  • Time tracking, including vacation, sick and personal balances as well as integrated requests and approvals
  • Instant access to employee data from the pay-records screen so that adjustments to withholdings and other numbers can be made easily as needed
  • Attractive, modern graphic interface
  • Diverse standard reporting templates as well as the ability to create customized reports from scratch
  • Seamless integration with diverse technology partners, allowing you to use just one system for all your HR and payroll needs

Paycor Pricing

If you have just one employee, your Paycor subscription will start at about $11.15 per pay period, with a maximum cost of $355 per pay period for up to 300 employees. This means that even at the highest level, using Paycor will cost your business about $9,230 per year.

Year-end processing costs, including tax filing, starts at $25.33 per employee. The maximum cost is $755 for up to 300 employees.

These are the base costs for the service and include one state tax return and one general ledger for each payroll. Wage garnishment, paper checks, additional ledgers, and other features carry an added charge.

When you request a product demonstration from Paycor, you will receive a specialized quote based on the size of your company, the features, and products you need and other factors.

Bottom Line

If you need a payroll provider that makes it easy to run your data and access information at the touch of a button, Paycor is a comprehensive yet affordable choice. Fans of this system say that the menu is intuitive, and they were quickly able to learn how to add employees and perform other essential functions.

This brand also gets high marks when it comes to customer service. Users report that agents are patient, knowledgeable, friendly and kind, with a true mission to help clients make the most of the features and benefits of this software platform.

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