wave logoWave Payroll offers a free and easy to use online payroll solution. It's price point and ease of use makes it a good starting point for bootstrapping businesses.

Wave is an all encompassing payroll system with all features included at no extra cost. It allows for both paper cheque and direct deposit options along with an employee self-service portal. It is easy to use with fast online setup and support with an app that can be accessed from anywhere on your mobile iOS device.

You can easily pay both hourly and salaried employees and track expenses, bonuses and taxable benefits. Pay weekly, monthly or bi-weekly and set scheduled pay raises. It tracks vacation pay and overtime and helps process Record of Employment forms.

Wave includes employee tax forms along with both US W-2 and W-3 tax forms and Canadian T4s, CRA remittances and more. Wave even offers a tax payment guarantee.

With electronic HR document storage, 256 bit SSL encryption, secure collaboration and automatic backup you can feel confident that your information is safe and secure.

Wave allows you to run multiple businesses at once as well as room and board for nannies or other home-care workers. You can expect seamless collaboration with Waves invoicing, accounting and personal finance tools and also simple integration with Quickbooks. Wave is a great system for a small to moderate sized business looking for an all-inclusive payroll solution.