Sage Payroll Software

Sage Payroll Services offers software designed to streamline your company's operations and ensure accurate, timely payroll. Cloud-based solutions are available for businesses of all sizes, including programs that integrate HR information into payroll.

Sage at a Glance

Sage has been creating intuitive business software programs for more than 35 years. Based in Britain, this company has more than 6 million customers and offices in 24 countries. It's listed on the London Stock Exchange and ranks as the second-largest tech company in the UK. As a result, it has consistently led the global market in payroll and business software solutions.

At the 2018 British Small Business Awards, Sage was named Accountancy Software Provider of the Year. Judges noted the company's high level of customer service, innovative products, exceptional value and ability to hone in on the needs of growing businesses that want to reduce administration costs.

Overview of Sage Features

As a payroll provider, Sage is dedicated to ensuring that your company will be in compliance with the most recent laws and industry regulations. The Sage Business Cloud offers the company's full payroll services portfolio, including integrated human-resource management and benefits administration, and is appropriate for businesses with up to 500 employees.

Larger companies or those with more complex situations can take advantage of Sage Payroll Full Service. With this option, Sage will completely manage your business's payroll and issue checks to your employees. You'll have a service representative who is completely dedicated to providing support for and answering questions about your account.

Full-service payroll from Sage allows you to choose between paper checks or direct deposit. Employees can access their W-2 forms and pay stubs online. Easily track paid-time-off balances and create accurate, effortless reports. Integrated tax filing is available in all U.S. jurisdictions.

Some of the key features of all Sage payroll products include:

  • An intuitive set-up process that guides you through the required information for each of your employees
  • The ability to seamlessly integrate with accounting software programs, including but not limited to QuickBooks, Sage 50 and Sage 100
  • Integrated 401(k) tracking, benefits management, wage garnishment, tax management, vacation and leave tracking and other features
  • An intuitive, easy-to-learn platform
  • The ability to combine with time and attendance systems, including PTO tracking
  • Access to robust reports and analytics
  • A mobile app that allows you to administer payroll functions and access data from anywhere at any time
  • Immediate and accurate federal, state and local tax filing as well as response to government notices regarding your tax filings

Sage Pricing

The basic cloud-based software package from Sage starts at $49.95 per month for Payroll Essentials Plus, which PC Mag reviewed as a detailed and thorough yet inexpensive product. This title allows you to manage payroll for up to 10 employees. You can add more employees for a cost of $1.75 per individual per month. Essentials, the lowest plan, is the same as Essentials Plus except that it does not account for your payroll tax obligations.

If you opt for a full-service plan, you will be charged on a sliding scale based on the number of employees. The average cost per payroll for a business with 10 employees is about $57, with a cost of approximately $2 to add more individuals.

Businesses that need year-end tax services are charged a base fee of $50 plus $5.50 per employee. Returning to the example above, this would cost about $105 for a business with 10 workers.

All Sage packages include comprehensive in-person and webinar-based training along with 24/7 customer support with online chat from payroll experts certified by the American Payroll Association.

Bottom Line

Sage offers versatile, easy-to-use solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a simple payroll platform or a comprehensive payroll and HR administration service, Sage is a great choice, especially if you're more comfortable working with a large company that boasts decades of experience (not to mention countless accolades).

Fans of this software product note its ability to provide more insightful data and reporting than competing products at a more affordable price. However, some note that the analytics may be more complex than necessary for a small business with relatively simple payroll needs.

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