Square Payroll

Square offers full-service payroll software that is easy, flexible, and affordable. By offering partial or fully automated payroll options, Square Payroll gives business owners more time to focus on other important areas. Some of the most notable features offered include:
  • Pay W-2 employees, 1099 contractors, or both.
  • Run payroll from your smartphone with the Square Payroll App.
  • Unlimited payroll runs at no extra cost.
  • Automatic tax calculations, filings, and payments.
With Square Payroll, convenience is just a click away!
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Square Payroll Features

The Ultimate All-In-One Payroll Solution

Unlimited Payroll Runs

Self-service online payroll processing.Pay W2 employees and 1099 contractors with an unlimited number of payroll runs.

Square Payroll App

Use the Square Payroll App to import timecards, enter hours, and so much more.

Tax Payments & Filings

Payroll Taxes are filed, and tax payments are sent to federal and state tax agencies.


"Square Payroll Has Proven a Valuable Solution to Organizing and Managing Many Vital Aspects of Our Financial Output System to Employees"

Source: Getapp.com

"I Really like the Organized and Easy to Navigate Online Pages. the Customer Service Is Fantastic"

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"Square Has Taken Great Care of Us. Always There When We Have Questions. Simple to Employees"

Source: Getapp.com

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Square Payroll is an advanced all-in-one payroll processing software perfect for any kind of business. The program doesn’t limit itself to simply tracking employee hours and sending out electronic or physical paychecks.  Some of the other features include:

  • Pay employees and contractors in just one click.
  • Timesheet, Sick/overtime pay tracking.
  • Various health/retirement benefits.
  • Integrated system for tax filing and holdings.
  • Convenient Square Payroll App.
  • Online dashboard accounts for employees.
Get the most out of your payroll experience with the services offered by Square Payroll. Choose the program that is right for your business and watch as more of your time is saved. Run a better business your way.

Additional Features

Additional Features

Direct Deposit or Manual Check Pay Options

Online Accounts for Contractors & Employees

Phone Support from Square Payroll Experts