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The Best Online Payroll Providers of 2017

Times change and payroll providers come and go. The long-established players like PayChex are still around but new ones are popping up, with nimble teams, to address customers unique challenges. Below are some of the best online payroll providers of 2017: Gusto OnPay Paychex Flex SurePayroll Intuit Enhanced Payroll Sage Payroll Essentials Patriot Software Full Service Payroll Squareup Payment Evolution IOIPay All of these providers can handle basic payroll with many of them able to handle very complex payroll situations. It’s best to review each one to find out which one is the best for you or stay tuned, and we will update this post with our findings.

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Reasons to Use a Payroll Provider

Business owners have a knack for cutting costs (the good ones, anyway). Most don’t mind doing some extra work to save some extra money. It can be a challenge to know where your money should be spent and where to hold back, but in some cases spending a little can save you a lot. Although every business is different, they all have one thing in common: the daunting task of payroll. But good news– outsourcing payroll tasks to a provider can save your business both time and money. By having tasks like direct deposit, tax filing and check issuing done for you, you are left with more time and resources […]

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How Payroll Cards are Hurting the Average Worker

Employers are rapidly discovering the benefits of payroll debit cards and leaving the old paper paycheck method behind. Cost reduction on completing payroll and issuing paper checks, guaranteed on time payment and generous incentives from the card providers–sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Wrong. Everything comes with a price, but who is taking the hit? Low wage, lower payout. That’s how millions of employees feel about the new payroll debit cards. The New York Times reports that fees associated with the cards are causing employee earnings to dip below the minimum wage line. One McDonald’s employee told the paper that just to access his money, he is being charged […]

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